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  1. A Kronecker-Weyl theorem for subsets of abelian groups (with D. Dikranjan), arXiv:1012.4177.

  2. Productivity of sequences with respect to a given weight function (with D. Dikranjan and J. Spevak), arXiv:1011.1524.

  3. The Markov-Zariski topology of an abelian group (with D. Dikranjan), arXiv:1005.1149.

  4. Hewitt-Marczewski-Pondiczery type theorem for abelian groups and Markov's potential density (with D. Dikranjan), ArXiv preprint arXiv:0912.0497.

  5. NSS and TAP properties in topological groups close to being compact (with D. Dikranjan and J. Spevak), ArXiv preprint arXiv:0909.2381.

  6. Group-valued continuous functions with the topology of pointwise convergence (with J. Spevak), ArXiv preprint arXiv:0907.4941.

  7. Quasi-convexly dense and suitable sets in the arc component of a compact group (with D. Dikranjan) (earlier version is available as ArXiv preprint arXiv:0812.2888).

  8. Convergent sequences in minimal groups, ArXiv preprint arXiv:0901.0175.

  9. Building suitable sets for locally compact groups by means of continuous selections, ArXiv preprint arXiv:0812.0489.

  10. Minimal pseudocompact group topologies on free abelian groups (with D. Dikranjan), ArXiv preprint arXiv:0811.0914.

  11. Quasi-convex density and determining subgroups of compact abelian groups (with D. Dikranjan), ArXiv preprint arXiv:0807.3846.

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